for Naatak's 48th Production

तो सम पुरुष, न मो सम नारी

(No man like you, no woman like me)

An adaptation of Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew'
in Hindi and Bundelkhandi (supertitles in English)

Directed by Manish Sabu
Produced by Juhi Mohan

Audition date and time: Saturday December 6 @ 1PM
Audition Venue: NAATAK HOUSE,
2110D Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara



Show Dates
Mar 11 - Mar 29 (12 shows) at the Tabard Theater in San Jose

About The Play
Shakespeare comes to Bundelkhand through this ageless comedy. Baptista Minola has two daughters – one a paragon of virtue, the other given to biting off a man's head at the slightest provocation. Can this 'shrew' find a man equal to the challenge of being her husband? Once she is out of the way, will her younger sister be able to marry the man she loves? This will be an immensely entertaining and action-packed production with a very large cast, and most of the cast is on stage for much of the play. We invite you to be part of the first Shakespearean play in Naatak's 20-year history!


Group 1: THREE females, ages 20-65 (including the role of the shrew)
Group 2: TWELVE males, ages 20-65

What are we looking for?
Fluency in Hindi, stage presence, booming voice, and eagerness to take direction.

Audition Details
1 PM, Saturday, December 6th
NAATAK HOUSE, 2110 Walsh Avenue #D, Santa Clara

1. RSVP to manish@naatak.com.

2. Include your gender, age, height and general build (lean, average or heavyset) in your reply.
3. You will receive a time slot and a sample monologue with some basic stage direction. For the audition, prepare the monologue with the stage directions (mandatory). Optionally, also prepare the same monologue with your own interpretation.
4. If shortlisted, you will be called back at 4 pm the same day.


Rehearsal Schedule
December through February, 3 times a week at NAATAK HOUSE in Santa Clara. We can accommodate your holiday plans during the month of December.

This play will have imaginative sets. Help us build them! If you don’t have previous set construction experience, we will train and mentor you.

Help us design and arrange costumes for this play. Like sets, costumes will be fanciful and imaginative. As in sets, we will train and mentor you.

We also need creative people to help us imagine lights, make-up, props, marketing and publicity for this unique play.

If interested, please contact manish@naatak.com.